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AbsolStats Features

Everything within the AbsolStats system has been created for the average user and no technical experience is required to be able to make use of AbsolStats' functions and features. Navigate through the system with ease and total comfort as information is grouped in appropriate locations and linked with a comprehensive help system.

AbsolStats counts web statistics with complete accuracy. Strong anti-caching techniques have been implemented and as well as having a well known track record for accurate measurement, AbsolStats is the first audience measurement system to successfully counteract the adverse effects of new stringent security measures recently implemented in leading web browsers.

  Most new web browsers, in the noble pursuit of better security, restrict the ability of traditional web counters from using third-party cookies (the only accurate method for counting unique users). The new version of AbsolStats manages to get around this problem without violating any security or privacy guidelines and is able to monitor unique users far more accurately than ever before.

AbsolStats provides user-friendly reports on visitor activity and page information that are compiled on the fly from the live AbsolStats database.

  • Reports available all day, every day
  • Real-time tracking and reporting
  • Access from anywhere in the world!

The AbsolStats system tracks and delivers information with proven speed, precision and reliability. Statistics are gathered and processed according to strict rules which ensure that your data is always correct and up to date.

"Proven speed, precision and reliability..."

The privacy of your information is very important to us. The AbsolStats servers are hosted in an extremely secure environment and your statistics can only be accessed by you using your personal login details. Your data is automatically backed up every day to make sure that in the highly unlikely event of a catastrophe, this information can be restored.

AbsolStats is completely scalable and can track an unlimited number of pages on your website. Relevant reports are batched so as to provide a kinder reporting environment for the AbsolStats user.

Analysis of Growth Trends
Positive and negative growth trends on a website can be predicted and responded to immediately. AbsolStats tracks the number of visitors within certain periods and calculates growth trends by showing whether the predicted average number of visitors for a week will be as high as the overall weekly average.