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About Us


Absol is a leading provider of Web Content Management, Internet Audience Measurement and Online Business Solutions. For over two decades, Absol has marketed a full range of IT, Software and Internet Connectivity services. A software development company focused on the Internet industry and specializing in interactive, database-driven web products, Absol's primary business is in providing business focused online solutions and eCommerce enabling technology. As an internet service provider (ISP) and experienced software developer, we provide holistic solutions to companies that recognise the value that the Internet and mobile space offers business today.

Founded in 1996 and still led by the same management team over 20 years later, Absol has excelled through the peaks and troughs of the dotcom era. We have achieved this success by consistently concentrating on traditional business principles and refusing to buy into, or sell on, the hype of the Internet and technology sector. Absol is a premier internet business solution provider. We offer a full range of services for clients wishing to implement Internet technology as part of their corporate or business strategy. We possess the creativity and technical skills to custom-develop a solution that best meets our customers' Internet deployment goals and budget.

Absol's business ranges from strategic Internet consulting and website creation, to dedicated web server integration, mobile solutions and custom Internet application development. Absol is an independent, privately owned, proudly South African company that has developed and owns its own technology and products. Equity is held amongst management and staff who share a marked passion for the company and its overall vision.

Driven by focus

In a highly competitive environment, focus is essential for success. Absol is clearly focused as a leading developer and implementer of internet software solutions. Ownership of technology is a cornerstone of the company's growth, a powerful combination of cutting-edge technology and an intrinsic understanding of our clients' business requirements.

We develop sustainable partnerships with our clients by combining intellectual capital, IT expertise and professional service to produce innovative solutions that will fuel future growth. Behind every successful business lies a team of dedicated professionals who ensure the very best service levels and implement solutions to the highest quality standards. At Absol, we believe that our people are what gives us the advantage. Our capable workforce is driven to provide excellent service, to develop best-of-breed products and to deliver successful custom solutions to our clients.


Absol's staff members are all highly effective, motivated professionals, who are marked by a shared passion for the company and its overall vision. The company's flexible, innovative human resources policy and its effectively structured payment packages are designed to attract the cream of industry talent and results in staff turnaround far below industry norms. 

As a technically driven organisation, every individual within it understands that "today is our day" and that Absol stands at the cutting edge of development technology in the new digital wave of global communications. Experience matters - Absol has been developing online solutions since 1996 for customers in a variety of industries. We are focused on leveraging internet technology to provide business solutions that give our customers a competitive edge.


The Team consists of:
  • Developers with the following skill set ( Experience within .Net and .Net Core Environments, MS SQL, VB Script, JavaScript, XML, HTML, HTML5, CSS, PHP, Visual Basic, Active Server Pages)
  • Senior Developers (Java, C#, Visual Basic, ASP.Net, Active Server Pages, SQL, JavaScript, XML, XSL, HTML, JSON, C, C++, COM, PHP, Delphi and Internet Information Server Administration)
  • Senior Analyst/Developer (Java, C#, .Net, ASP.Net, HTML, Delphi, SQL, VBScript, JavaScript)
  • Systems/Network administrators with a thorough understanding of networking and hardware architectures including but not limited to the following products and/or technologies: Sun, Novell, Microsoft, Wireless, Ethernet, TCP/IP, Unix, Linux, Solaris, Windows NT, MS Windows 2000 - Windows 2016 Servers, VMware, HyperV, Xen, Internet Information Server, Cisco, Lucent, Tomcat and various others.

Development methodology

SCRUM and Agile - It aims to make projects more effective by defining the roles of team members and by providing a specific way of organising the workload - over a series of short development cycles, "sprints" or phases. Scrum teams attempt to build a deliverable (properly tested) solution feature increment - with every iteration. Using Slick Agile as our guiding principle, we are able to provide you with a functional solution in a considerably shorter time-frame, while also reducing the overall development costs. It is an iterative process that allows for adjustments and updates to the overall project plan 

Benefits of our approach:
  • Faster turnaround
    We are able to provide our users with functioning solutions at a much faster pace than using traditional design, development and practices.
  • Testing and feedback
    The feedback and testing loop between our team and the client ensure any unforeseen issues can be addressed quickly.
  • Prioritise features
    The highest priority items are identified and completed first, so delivery is not held up by items that are of lesser priority.
  • Minimise scope creep
    The iterative process allows for the active adjustment of smaller new requirements.
  • High-value delivery
    The focus remains on delivering features that add the most value to your business while eliminating features that provide little value but add significant costs to the project.