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Below are a few of the reports that the AbsolStats system offers. 

Summary Statistics
The Summary Statistics ensures that all important information is collected and displayed in a friendly format, allowing you to quickly see how your site is and has been doing.
This Month's Statistics
This report displays this month's tracked statistics and supplies the total, peak and low impressions and visits this month, as well providing averages of this important data. The information is displayed in graph and table format for easy viewing.
Last 12 Month's Statistics
Formatted similarly to the above report although providing data collected over the last year. Use this graph to compare month-to-month statistics and determine which month's marketing campaign was the most effective.
Compound Impressions
This report makes available the total average impressions of your website per hour and per weekday, displayed in a graphical format.
Tracked Pages
See how many impressions any tracked page has received, as well as how many it tracked today, this month and last month. Click through to the Detailed Page Statistics of any page where you can find a host of valuable information relating to it. Click the Page Routes icon and discover the most commonly traveled path from that page, which is extremely useful for effectively placing advertisements.
Detailed Page Statistics
This report allows you to monitor, in depth, the exact happenings of any page. All tracked information relating to any particular page is made available via compehensive graphs, which include compound hourly and weekly figures for the page, daily information for the month, the last 12 month's figures plus a whole lot more. Find out the peak hour of the page, the most active weekday, the averaged data and the number of days the page has been tracked. You may also find the predictive statistics to be very useful...
Page Movement
Follow your visitors movement habits by using the Page Movement Statistics to find out which percentage of visitors travel between certain pages. Complete with search functionality through source and destination pages and links to the Detailed Page Statistics and Page Routes, this report provides valuable data for use while updating your website's advertising and marketing information.
Recent Visitors
View the details of the most recent visitors to your site and see which operating system, browser, location and provider they are using.
System Information
Your visitors ISPs, operating systems, browsers, screen resolutions and color depths are summarised, totalled and displayed on this report.
Country Information
Find out which country most of your visitors are coming from and update your site accordingly.
Other Sites
Have a look at which other sites are using AbsolStats and compare your statistics. View the top 10 sites based on certain criteria and find out who your competitors are.