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Get Practical with Masterskill

Turning knowledge into usable skills takes a lot of practice and hard work - especially if you were not exposed to the practical side of things while studying. To address the growing concern that learners have no practical experience when entering the job market, Masterskill has introduced a new concept geared to ready learners for the real world.

By embedding the relevant software into its training material, Masterskill is helping learners gain practical experience while they are still studying. According to Terry Kier, MD at Masterskill, this is quite a unique approach, especially in SA.

Says Kier: "As the need for new information and skills accelerates, the rewards for effective education become increasingly worthwhile. It is thus essential that those entering the job market, as well as those who are already working but would like to advance their career prospects, stay competitive."

Kier explains that one way of achieving this is through a hybrid of e-learning and classroom-based tuition, which not only reduces the time and costs involved in training, but also helps expand the knowledge base of learners and can lead to a richer educational experience.

"But," he says, "while most education companies only provide theoretical examples of how things will work in practice, Masterskill provides a real-world, practical experience with software specifically designed to complement the theoretical work so that students can learn more effectively."

The software Masterskill is including in its courseware is locally developed by Edge-1 Software, and will, for example, teach learners how to set up a working e-commerce site and help them in trading online.

Says Kier: "I believe that Masterskill has always had a reputation for innovation within the industry, and we are therefore committed to bringing new concepts to market that suit the current business and education environment, and I believe that this is an innovative approach to readying learners for what to expect, and to ultimately help turn their knowledge into usable skills."

Source: ITWeb

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