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Absol to present at 2nd Annual Intranets Conference

Date: Wednesday, 13 Jan 2010 13:51 PM
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Second Annual Intranets Conference

23 - 24 February 2010 Absa Bank Conference Centre



Intranets, Extranets & Portals

Unleashing the power of organisational communication

Through Digital media, Portal, Intranets and Extranets



Intranets, extranets, portals, and Digital media greatly facilitate organisational communication, these communication tools ensure knowledge sharing, and a single source for all     internal communications.

Intranets improve internal communication by making employees part of an internal information network.  Essentially it is office automation of any function, instruction, and action that is shared instantly and internally. Enterprise content management and digital media - "the creative convergence of digital arts, science, technology and business for human expression, communication, social interaction and education" Is revolutionising the way organizations conduct business.
Indeed, this sense of collective resourcefulness that an intranet may stimulate, gives an idea as to what sets some corporate intranets apart from others, and underscores their dynamic nature. Intranets have acquired the reputation of being passports to radical new corporate behaviours. Confronting the myths that exist about intranets can make all the difference between their becoming extraordinary tools for knowledge management and business innovation.




The intranet being a private, secure version of the internet that companies can develop for internal use; can be expanded to form an extranet to enable shared information and communication with out- sources such as suppliers, customers, and vendors.  The extranet may also be utilised as a tool to strengthen the relationship between companies.  An added advantage of this is that the - closeness, and instant communication and access to information


also makes it very difficult for competitors to break into the relationship loop, because the barrier to entry is too high.

Simply asking what an organization is trying to achieve by building an intranet can help avoid a lot of disappointment later. Bottom line is that intranets and extranets are important business tools; they improve communication, cuts cost, are more efficient, and strengthen organisational relations.



Mary Mzumara - Quirk eMarketing

Philippe Morin

3fifteen Technology Solutions

Lynda Cassiem ABSA

Absa: Group Information Management Division: Business Enablement Team

Alex Shiells - Absol - Content Management

Kate Elphick Digital Bridges

Surfacing hidden value in the organisation using the Intranet

Darren Harris Intoweb

Christine Anderson Taylormade 4 You

CEO  Strategy for your Extranet Introduction

Jacqui O' Sullivan Group Communications SASOL

Samantha Bloom Chief Director Department of Communications

Bradley Jayenath  - Sense post -  Securing your intranet

Steven Ambrose World Wide Works



Topics covered


  •          The intranet as a process
  •          Build it they will come
  •         Digital media
  •          Advertising on your intranet
  •          Content management
  •          Infrastructure is the product
  •          Harmonising Information post acquisition
  •          Avoid reinvention of  the wheel
  •          True collaboration with the Extranet
  •          Intranet Innovation
  •          Intranet  management
  •          Extranet management
  •          Portals
  •          Organisational Intranet community
  •          Intranet within a small organisation
  •          Email marketing
  •          Knowledge management
  •          Unlocking the real value of your intranet
  •          Racial integration integrating using the intranet & digital media
  •          Intranets in academic libraries
  •          Develop and effective intranet
  •          Mobile applications of digital media
  •          Intranet rich applications
  •          Social networking
  •          Internal blogging
  •          Potential legal landmines
  •          Intranet software
  •          Myths surrounding the intranet
  •          Various case studies






  •         Reduce cost                                          
  •         Save time
  •         Paperless environment
  •         Increase Collaboration
  •         Increase productivity
  •         Integrated and Distributed Computing Environment
  •         Rich in format and Content
  •         Content re-use
  •         Personalisation and profiling
  •         Secure content delivery




Why You should attend   - "Truly to gain value from your investment, and to see return on your investment!  Making your intranet work for your organisation"

                                              Who should attend?      



  •          External Communications
  •          New media managers
  •          Marketing departments
  •          Corporate affairs
  •          Knowledge managers
  •          Organisational Development
  •          Marketing Communications
  •          Corporate communications managers
  •          Pr
  •          HR
  •          Web content Managers                    


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